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EGEN means intrinsic, and that pretty much says who we are. The men and women from EGEN are highly motivated to do their bit when it comes to tackling the climate and environmental challenges. So, they find some fulfilment in supporting our clients in developing and realising innovative sustainability ambitions. But also in inspiring each other by discussing groundbreaking innovations, techniques and solutions. And, just as important, by simply having fun during a casual game of table tennis, a night out on the town together, or enjoying one of the many other joint activities.




We have offices across the Netherlands, but our headquarters are in Rijswijk. It is possible to work from home, but we encourage you to spend some days at our Rijswijk office as well. 




An internship at EGEN means gaining experience in and working within a dynamic and energetic team. You will be given the opportunity to participate as much as possible in the work.
During the educational internship you will work with various sustainability and environmental topics with a strong focus on the circular economy. The working environment within EGEN is characterized by an accessible, open culture, in which your colleagues are ready to help you learn and develop.




During your internship you will help our consultants in their projects. You will assist the EGEN team on a daily basis with challenges in the field of the circular economy, such as:  

  • How can EU member states reach the set collection and recycling targets for waste and material streams?
  • How are waste collection systems organized, and what are critical success factors or bottlenecks?
  • What requirements are needed and which stakeholders need to participate in the waste landscape in order to successfully setup a waste collection systems, and more importantly in the long term, a circular economy?  
  • What is the environmental impact of implementing new innovative technologies or strategies?

In order to answer these questions you might need to:

  • Do desk research into the current state of the art and performance
  • Participate in meetings and interviews with various stakeholders from different EU member states
  • Apply impact assessment methodologies
  • Transcribe interviews and help write draft reports for clients
  • Get acquainted with target groups, customer and financing issues
  • And so much more!




We are open for people with different profiles, but a key requirement is an “EGEN” intrinsic motivation to achieve sustainable impact. Preferably, you are:

  • A graduate/master student with a specialization in a field near sustainability or circular economy 
  • Affinity and experience with impact assessment methodology
  • Fluent in Dutch and English
  • Able to tackle and understand complex multi-stakeholder problems
  • Good in presenting information in a clear and structured manner




  • Four - six months internship

  • An inspiring international working environment among like-minded professionals.

  • Coaching by all level consultants.

  • Growth opportunities, a lot of freedom and guidance and support from enthusiastic and helpful colleagues




If you feel you are the person EGEN is looking for, then we invite you to apply for this job by sending us your resume and motivation via the "Apply" button above. 


If you have specific questions about this vacancy, you can send them to Please note that applications sent via this email will not be processed and that all updates about your application will be communicated through the application portal.

We  would like to keep the recruitment and selection for this vacancy in our own hands.